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Costume Shop by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

Costume Shop by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt < Miraculous fan art<<*Gets a nosebleed*


Most of my friends do watch it, it's more my cousin and family friend.

Get your meme on!

Did you see this?

A Chat Noir (*cough*)Adrien(*cough*) is so innocent, even Marinette (*cough*)Ladybug(*cough*) is speechless.

I heard yesterday was Pocky Day (i also got a request about this a very while ago, so better later than never?

it hurrrrrrrttttsssssssss

Had this sitting in my WIP folder since the cupid episode came out, but with the latest ep I think everyone can appreciate Adrien dealing with nightmares ;D [Pl

Ladybug's Poem/ Valentine by Adrien Agreste

Ladybug's Poem/ Valentine by Adrien Agreste<<<<<How the hell did Mariantte not figure out that Adrian was talking about her aka Lady Bug because he's aka Cat Noir? I would've figured that out in a heartbeat


Does anybody else notice they're the lyrics from Taylor Swift's -Sparks Fly-? I sang along to the lyrics

El oso de hornear... Uhhh!! y Papá-Consejos. Yoo-Hoo!! Gran reventón de verano!!

i´m not that happy with the big picture. marinettes hands O.i´m sorry…