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Taking a moment to appreciate that this is the picture the public has of Chat. Alya probably took it...

It says "Oh la la" XD I wanna believe that Adrien took the picture and sent it to the newslady himself

Miraculous Ladybug || Adrien || Nooo~ this is terrible! I'm not crying, my eyes are just leaking T-T

He was so happy and i think his father was different but once Adrien's mom left, his dad changed he wants to protect Adrien but doesn't know how to show it<< Dude you can see the life leave his eyes

Adrien there just like " mhmmmm, I've got you Mari"

Adrien is just standing there just like " mhmmmm, I've got you Mari". Also he always stands like this as Cat Noir behind ladybug

That is what a true miraculous fan thinks about this and Volpina

That is what a true miraculous fan thinks about this and Volpina~~~ hate the text edit

But he is not HAWKMOTH!!! Go and visit MeliZbeauty's youtube chanel! She has a lot of theory's about miraculous ladybug. And she proved that Gabriel is not hawkmoth...pls go and watch it. PLS!!

You sly dog, Thomas Astruc -- Marinette and Gabriel Agreste/Hawkmoth

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Me : More song for my "amazing" talent. Everyone : why dose she hate us!

Is it the new villain

Is it the new villain I like how they are subtly introducing more characters that will be akumatized later. Like this lady and the ice cream man.