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More like she's being racist at Keith <<< everything is fucking fine and perfect my bbs would never hurt each other

More like she's being racist at Keith<<< no I don't think that's it. Hunk and pidge were acting the same way as allura, lance was the only one who seemed genuinely worried and not angry or betrayed

Math Innuendos! [ VLD || Klance Crack ] by oh-no-Castiel

Lance, Keith and math

Yet another Kallura picture

Sleeping paladins :) Let them rest. I am shiro in this oops haha I sleep on my sides help me.

I like how they sketched Keith in this. He's a little rounder, with soft edges, a little more feminine looking

How To Attract A Boy Without Talking To Him

Voltron: Legendary Defender *Keith*

come here my little space child *falils arms in attempt to hug*

Keith / Lance | what i love about this is that it actuallly happened

Am I the only one who thinks that the reason we see Lance flying red in season 3 trailer is because he can actually cope and tolerate with Keith's temperamental attitude?

Lance Appreciation

Exactly so all o' y'all who keep making those langst things where the team is so unappreciative of him are WRONGI love ma boi Lance << god bless