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I think the woman was just smart, even when she decided to die. She had the parachute just in case her stupid husband didn't jump.

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How I want people to remember me: eyebrow game forever strong

In the faith in humanity restored because of the girl, the ones who suspended her are fucking assholes.

A beautiful thought… (Not funny, but meant to remind us all of why our words are important. As this board has the largest audience, it also will hopefully have the most influence.)

A beautiful thought…

please read this. It takes a few kind words to save someone's life. It takes a few cruel words to take someone's life.

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People make light of these disorders, but they don't understand what they're really like (myself included)

There's a BIG difference. View "What You Say About Mental Illness vs What You Actually Mean" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor