Capricorn on a bad day.

Capricorn on a Bad Day: Everything and everyone annoys them. Wants to be left alone, home and at work. Does not feel like talking or being sociable . Extemely detached and "zoned out" in our own little world . Have to agree ;

Capricorn Family Members:

Capricorn Zodiac Facts Im so extroverted and out going .I burst at the seams.All these are so true its scary.Cant stand restrictive authority yes yes .im a rebel,,,

capricorn. haha...the first part, i tell my fiance... I NEED A PLAN. The second part, he tells me! "You're so black and white... how about some gray??"

there has been so many times in my life I wish I could have seen the gray areas, but unfortunately everything is black and white for me no matter how hard I try, maybe I have to accept its just in the stars and I can't change it!