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"My fave signs, I quite adore the description of them, well they live well and trust so easily, I wonder how they manage those feelings; Sometimes I wonder how did they mold our path and captivate our sparks.

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Capricorns have a short and i mean short, almost non-existent tolerance for people who refuse to use common sense. so true!

Stay outta my shell.  I'll open the door when I feel like it.

it's hard to get a capricorn out of their shell, but its even harder to get in their shell with them. if they let you in, it means a lot. Very true for this Capricorn.

I JUST told Rob this word-for-word the other day!!

Always plan ahead.and make sure to have a backup plan.and then a backup plan to your backup plan.and then a backup plan to your backup plan's backup plan.

I totally disagree! Nowhere close at all. Although I can only speak for me.

Capricorns can be some of the meanest people you ever encounter, but only if you provoked them or they don't trust you. They're far from bullies.