Russian Romani dancer

Patrina Sharkozi ~ Hungarian Gypsy Dancer- I wanta paint all those colors.

Gypsy dance... @ivannairem ..

This is a Romani Gypsy performing a traditional Romani dance. The dance and the music of the Romani people is very much unique and original, and due to their isolation from other cultures has remained mostly unchanged.

Freedom of bellydancing ... I LOVED belly dancing and I feel blessed that I had a GREAT teacher!

American Tribal Style Bellydance - one of my favourite photographs by Pixie - just so full of energy, life and vigour

Hawaiian Hula Dancer (Like @ Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach we saw so many time growing up!)

Hula dancing has been around for many years now. In the Hawaiian language, the word Hula literally means, "dance." However, it's not known who actually performed the hula dance first, but it has.

Jumping pose


Courtney a movement picture by photographer Christopher Peddecord. Related to: photos ,Black & White ,Nikon ,movement ,dance