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The Friendship Test [MLP Fanfic Reading] (Grimdark) - YouTube

The Friendship Test [MLP Fanfic Reading] (Grimdark)

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wheres rarity>> She was Nightmare Moon at the time. The rest of the Mane 6 were captured by the dark forces of the moon. Sorry if that was a spoiler, I just couldn't help it.

RARITY DO THIS! < ------------ fluttershy must have got the candle and pillows cuz she was being good

How A-doe-rable - by shadowwolf

Yes, it is the mane six as deer. I've seen a few versions of peoples' interpretations of the mane six (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, to the 2 of . The Mane Cervine

Snowdrop- another fan made episode of MLP. I liked Double Rainboom a little better even though this is well done and the animation is great I just felt like it was trying too hard to be sad and it lacked the happiness and fun of a normal of MLP episode, just my opinion and I still thought it was good.

Snowdrop - MLP Fan Animation Be prepared to cry

The Guardian by on @deviantART

The Guardian by FouDubulbe

Party Of One Creepypasta (English) - part 1 - YouTube

Party Of One Creepypasta (English) - part 1