Akai Katana art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

chinese art - ✯ http://www.pinterest.com/PinFantasy/arte-~-la-mujer-en-el-arte-chino-women-in-chinese-/

I want a game where everybody is in this style and it's all ancient China that would be so cool

ArtStation - Mary Read, Chen Guan Yu

Mary Read (Illustrations for NetEase Game 大航海之路) by Chen Guan Yu Concept artist & Illustrator Taipei, Taiwan

Fantasy Females (various artists) - Imgur

Fantasy Females (various artists) - Imgur

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The stiletto boots are a terrible idea. Intimidating mask would be good for lowering enemy moral. Very well protected, though the armor seems a bit too form fitting to be as thick as it would need to be.

Videos: Girls With Guns - Sexy Sci-fi Pinup Style Art From Qi Wu. spoiler free science fiction news from the movie sleuth.

Daejun Park (Gae Go),красивые картинки,art,арт,art барышня,Fantasy,Fantasy art

ArtStation - Spear_Knight, Daejun Park (Gae Go) - why do artists always give female knights impractical heels?