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Kind dad jokes

Jin's Dad Jokes are the best jokes in the world ♥

cAUGHT IN A LIEEEEEEEEE.. Honestly both Jimin's and Jin's expressions were accurate

JIN BTS "Why the🖕you're lying , why you always lying"

This is literally me... -.-

This is literally me.-<<<< same, only I don't look this good being pissed off with everyone, only JK can relate

It’s gonna be hard to find a guy that I like as much as Jin.

I got depression just reading this meme and looking at jhopes face this is so straight up real but i only got a few more years so when the future kpop groups and singers/rappers come hehe I'll make my appearance

This is why you will always see me listening to my music with earbuds

Read 42 from the story KPOP Memes by minosaure (Mine Aux Ors) with 74 reads. Quand ton crush passe et que ton ami essaye de t'embarrasser en.

I think I shed some actual tears watching this part (okay let's be real throughout the whole thing)

Joonie has an iq of 148 and still gets ditzy sometimes it's gives me hope

P I N T E R E S T @iamroosevelt

P I N T E R E S T @iamroosevelt

I love Jin❤️

Ahah it was so funny when rapmon suddenly opened the door and asked what was going on when he heard Jin making tht weird noise

Everyone is happy and then there is jungkook giving the am I really your oppa look

Hello the people who loves monsta x I will be posting funny pics of them *please don't be mad* but vote that will be great and enjoy :)

That's me djdkskvks

{Highest rank: in Fan-fiction- January I slowly opened … # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

Not even a question

Read A/N from the story The New Member by (Kpop Unnie) with 568 reads. I am gonna update this story as soon as po.

Me while waiting in the office cause I'm about to get suspended for fighting

Me while waiting in the office cause I'm about to get suspended for fighting