hourglassofblacktears: “ Karuna Ki Reiki. ”

dwnpour: “Amazing concept art for the Mermaids in The Pirates Of The Caribbean films.

Mermaids Ocean Sea:  #Mermaid.

In Depth Conversation - Under The Ocean Fantasy art featuring a mermaid and a seahorse - Postcard

The Little Mermaid. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Ariel for fans of Disney Extended Princess images.

When our mortal eyes close on this world for the last time, our angels open our spiritual eyes and escort us personally before the Face of God. ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by ✨👼 Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994 ✨


fairytalemood: “ “Mary Belle and the Mermaid” by Leo and Diane Dillon ” I had this book growing up! All feminist takes on folk tales, all African American.

Moonlit Siren by Lindsay Rapp. This piece is inspired by the enchanting, otherworldly beauty of the Siren. She is the mystery and ethereal beauty of the oceanic world around her.

Zenescope GFT:TheLittleMermaid#5, pencils: M.Krome by sinhalite

Zenescope GFT:TheLittleMermaid#5, pencils: M.Krome by sinhalite

The Little Mermaid  Illustration by Charles Santore

Just when you thought you didn't want to go back in the water with The Little Mermaid, Charles Santore freshens up the old story by Hans Christian Andersen with alluring design and illustrations, making it an intriguing book for all ages.


VERNAL [adjective] of or pertaining to spring. appearing or occurring in spring. appropriate to or suggesting spring; belonging to or characteristic of youth. Etymology: Latin vernālis, equivalent to vern(us) - of spring.

Amazing Different Types of Dragon

Amazing Different Types of Dragon

Liiga Klavina

Liiga Klavina

Perfect world mermaid illustrations artworks

A Collection: 26 Mystifying Mermaid Illustrations