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kaste mig for ulvene, jeg vover dig. Jeg vil komme tilbage førende pakningen. det er et løfte

Told yall and warned him he really shoulda never hurt me. There is small packs then there are large packs consider me in the middle of them both joinin the together the both packs but only choosin the ones right for me and my own.

For the plight of all wolves everywhere.  From the beginning of Eternity, man misconstrues this thunderingly powerful yet gentle loving creature.  Like most of what Humanity does not KNOW, it (Humanity kills out of fear).  Our legacy lies in our inability to love as this noble creature loves.  Without condition.  He/she does not chose who to love or how to love, just lives in love as all God's animals live with that same love that God alone gives.

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Never underestimate the smallest person in the room. They may have the loudest bark.

The tiger and the lion may be more powerful but the wolf dies not perform in the circus - Love of Life Quotes


I feel you in my bones, and hear you calling me in my dreams look through the deep water and find me.