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Realidad vs. perspectiva en el reflejo.  Hatsune Miku.

La la la, oh ~ Hôm nay là Mito thưởng lên ngày hôm qua - Bao im lặng Fenghua

Cositas kawaiis ;v

Anime picture vocaloid hatsune miku bai yemeng tall image blush smile twintails sky cloud (clouds) eyes closed very long hair ahoge aqua eyes aqua hair parted lips crossed legs chibi multiple persona >

One of my favorite songs by the twins. The song is called Servant of Evil. There is also a spanish version. Comment your fav song down below.

Aku_no_meshitsukai by Crazy-megame."Servant of Evil" Kagamine Len. "Daughter of Evil" Kagamine Rin.

Hatsune Miku || Vocaloid

"Miku, you truly are a beauty, but please watch your skirt. I wouldn't want a female as precious as you to have perverts around .

Hatsune Miku || Vocaloid

3 different Mikus. Surprisingly, Bottle Miku actually sounds very cute and soft.

yes I know she is a vocaloid and not technically in an anime but I like her so whatever

Jesse 18 lobes singing loves partying hair is as long as it looks