Lady of Shalott by Aly Fell #AlyFell

Lady of Shallot by AlyFell. Though I don't know why the Lady of Shallot is pictured with a sword . is that in the poem?

Lady of the Lake with Excalibur

The Lady of the Lake from the Arthurian legends - Mysterious bearer of the sword Excalibur - Timeless White Queen arising from wintery mists.

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This is an OC commission for of her lovely OC Atevora with her snow owl. I loved the design of this character and it was fun doing all the little detail. Atevora OC commission for Runenwinter

Magali Villeneuve Arwen Art | Fridays at the Mathom-House: Magali Villeneuve

I think she is sitting side saddle like a lady; Magali Villeneuve Portfolio: The Lord of the Rings LCG : Arwen .