Elizabeth, Ciel & Sebastian

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Book of The Atlantic Sebastian Michaelis Ciel Phantomhive Elizabeth Midford

Some of the best of Sebastian manga caps!D I have to appreciate the cat teeth when he tells Ciel to give him an order


““ - Well, in such a way… love is wonderful, but sometimes it results to tragedies.” ” © Vincent Phantomhive, extra “The six Devilish”

the phoenix dance by peppermint twertle (894×894)

Kuroshitsuji 59 Page 36 "the phoenix pose" (ciel must be so embarrassed that he'll be blushing afterwards :))))))))

Everything - Kuroshitsuji ~ DarksideAnime

Black Butler- simply one hell of a good show (you'll get it when you watch it) it is an amazing show about a boy who makes a contract with a demon. Sebastian the demon is a butler for ciel the boy. Sebastian is ceils butler until he eats ceils soul.

I like this art

The Akuma 1 Sebastian Michaelis, 2 Ciel Phantomhive, 3 Undertaker, 4 Grell Sutcliff, 5 Vincent Phantomhive and 6 Charles Grey.

Sebastian and Ciel

Sebastian and Ciel <<< Black butler really makes me feel imbalanced. Either you like someone who's or you like the 13 yr old. WHY ISNT THERE ANYONE MY AGE?