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Honestly Lisa looks so good with the platinum hair with the pinkish tips

Ew dat last face XDDD


I tried to copy his face in the last one and just cracked the fuck up

The time Yixing forgot his own age | allkpop Meme Center

The time Yixing forgot his own age

The time Yixing forgot his own age (also probably partially getting confused with the Korean age system)

Hahahaha TOP

[BIG BANG] each member has their own ways of being shirtless. is top really shirtless

Oh my butt~ Laughing so hard XD -Satansoo extremely judging you miss. | NOTE TO SELF, never do this.

Kyungsoo is ready to rid the world of these fashion terrorists. XD meme but oh well)

edit This would look cute on Rosé :) I’ve made a couple edits yet I’m still scared I’m gonna…”

Why does he have a bouquet of flowers tied on his hands? It's called fashion Brenda, look it up.

Snow White has GOT7 Dwarfs | allkpop Meme Center

Snow White has Got7 Dwarfs

BLACK PINK : 블랙핑크 ~ Jisoo 지수 @YG Entertainment

If I was a new Blink I would have mistaken her with Lisa .