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Nu Goth is a Sub Genre of the gothic community, heavily rooted and influenced by traditional gothic music, aesthetics and philosophy. Nu Goth embraces all genres of dark introspective music and art.



Pick your head up , princess your tiara is falling ♡

Do not like thecolor combo. Not a fan of the too short skirt and way too heavy of a knit and style ofsweater.

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this skirt, but a bit longer

femme fatale

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Cause every little girl can get away with murder if you hurt her

Sometimes all u need to do is take ur eyes out with 2 hands and soak them in bleach

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With a longer skirt

|| don't worry be yoncé ||

Right outfit wins

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nice Winter Casual Plaids & Checks Coats Fashion for Women. Platform Boots For You gu.

Cabello rojizo ondas

when you pull a lot of mix matching outfits and make a fun and unique outfit that is hip