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"Dramatic BTS" xD <3

Idk why. But my eyes go directly to Suga in this pic. Why is he just standing there with a scrunched up face?<< because he is so done with the other members.

Jungkook man...

I can't see what they're talking about<<<oppa's wink wonk lets go to bed early stare^^^DAMN SON

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This whole entertainment+fandom is just one big crazy family // But its the best family ever! ^~^ Proud to be an Army!

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jimin is so cute he really is a real life chibi << when he doesn’t look sexy and hot, yes lol XD

Bad boy Jungkook XD---- Hahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha I love how Hobi said don't make me curse 😂👍🌻🌺

☆~Sometime We Are Like Stars. We Fall So Someone's Wish Can Come True. ~ ☆

if you ever question why people call yoongi grandpa consider this picture

Hes such a sweetie, what an awesome guy! And what a lucky fan!

Hes such a sweetie, what an awesome guy! And what a lucky fan! << King of fan service indeed XD

I love their smiles so much

Que sorrisos são esses do Jin, Jungkook e Jimin, Brasil?

Ive actually taken Chinese for 4 years, so he should come to me for lessons

Taehyun's failed attempt of having a Chinese conversation.) hahaha my poor husband!

"Non so quello che sta facendo in questa foto ma non potrei essere più innamorata"

Taehyung was counting backwards from 10 to the fan whose turn was next to interact with him. The fan was interacting with another member. 😍❤🖤 THAT'S SO SWEEET I'M 😭