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Jason the Toy Maker - official character sheet

Jason the Toy Maker - official character sheet by Krisantyl on DeviantArt<< look at those abs tho

Jason the Toy Maker <<<< This is so true...it's only true if you understand the dynamics of it

Read humano from the story Sabias que creepypastas 4 by (Monster) with reads.Jason the toymaker.alguna vez fue un humano

my_beautiful_toy_dolls_by_krisantyl-d8svs3i.jpg (686×1166)

My beautiful toy dolls by Krisantyl

Creepypasta Cafe 008 by Alloween

CP Cafe season 1 will ended in next page. ----------------------------------------- >Next: Creepypasta Cafe Creepypasta Cafe 008

Sleep..... Me: Heck no!

I yelled this at someone who was picking on me at school and they just backed away slowly and it was the funniest shit I've ever seen 🤣

Lauhing Jack: The meme. by CrazyHermine on DeviantArt

I made another meme. Lauhing Jack: Cosplay: I fergot, sorry! Edit: Sugest your ideas! -No one is going to sugest something. Lauhing Jack: The meme.

Jason The ToyMaker -FanArt by SaraMangaka on DeviantArt

Ehi Togheteeer I made this new fan art of an italian Creepypasta: Jason The ToyMaker by it's just awesome that CreepyPasta &nbs. Jason The ToyMaker -FanArt



Good job l.j

Now LJ, please don't impale and gut the poor kid. We know you're a killer clown and all that, but for the love of all that is unholy, please don't kill the kid

C'mon Tim, it's only for 24 hour :D

*Toby gets Masky fired* *Masky gets Toby almost killed* Masky: alls well that ends well! Toby: you almost killed me! Masky: But did I?