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Dream Like A Child: 10 Fantasy Treehouses Around The World

Convert an old tree stump into a fairy tale dream for the kids ! A Tree Stump House. How like a page torn off a fairy book and made real!

Isn't this 'Fairy Tower' (by the infinitely talented Roger Davies of Enchanted Cottages) one of the most magical faerie dwellings you've ever seen? It makes the faeries at The Faerie Shop yearn for the magic of windswept Scottish moors!

These are my favorite fairy gnome doors. If you don’t know, gnome doors go on trees and fairy doors go on fairy houses. These are all made by painting rocks and coating them in polyurethane to make them weatherproof.

Easier to build the living arbor I want in a miniature (fairy) garden!

Grow a Fairy Arbor. I want to do this. It reminds me of the first time I visited Disney Land in California. They have a village with perfectly manicured little houses that Ive always remembered.

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17 Cutest Miniature Stone Houses To Beautify Garden This Summer (Diy Garden Fairy)

Fantasy fairytale miniature house in tree in forest - Fairytale fantasy house in tree trunk in forest