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Katsuki seems to have a mutral relationship with his father Deku has one but not really there  Todoroki has one too but he only cares for his mother

the last one is actually kinda funny *going to see mom* poor buff fire ball XD

(Моя геройская академия)

With Bakugou pounding him in the back and Kirishima kissing him in front like there's no tomorrow, Midoriya cannot take it anymore and even without touching his manhood he climax none the less



todoroki shouto

He had his nose just like armin from attack on titan (go Watch it) armin has the cutest nose 🤤❤️❤️ Anime : boku no hero academia // my hero academia

Bakugo x Midoriya / Yaoi / Boku no Hero Academia

Bakugo x Midoriya / Yaoi / Boku no Hero Academia

Todoroki Shouto | Boku No Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

Read 009 from the story Boku no Hero Academia「talks」 by quuenty (onomatopejoholik) with 542 reads. Kirishima: Puszczam film, co chc.

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That Reaper in the back better be Tokoyami. He'd be perfect, and he always seems to be left out of most fan art.