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Black Veil Brides Justin Bieber I like the both of them but thats just hilarious :D

black veil brides andy biersack funny so cute and small :')

black veil brides andy biersack, a fetus andy. for christmas can i just have a 16 year old andy? or any aged andy works for me,

CC and Ashley Purdy<<< I find this hilariously adorable... CC's just like: SEXY FACE!

These two grown men doing a 'sexy face'.Well, that's Black Veil Brides basically XD A bunch of weird grown men that play really good music :D

Mcr Band, Emo Bands, My Chemical Romance, Sass Queen, Frank Iero, Band Memes, Evan Peters, Killjoys, Ahs

Awwww thanks Jinxx you're amazing & this is one of the reasons why you're inspiring. I love you!

These guys have such a strong positive message without the fake. This is exactly what music needed-these guys.