The pastor of the squad

Representative Darrell Issa shared a great shot of United States Air Force Tech. Sam Pastor firing an Mk 48 machine gun down range.

Well, first; they create unrest in whatever region they have interests, second; big weapon guys sell these killing machines to the literally any group who has the cash in those affected areas and    different groups trained by these big weapon producers too.. Booom, Welcome to Hell !!! Weapon industy made billions of dollars profit worldwide last year !!! Yeah thats why war on terror is a hoax..

Us Army Rangers - Rangers of Battalion, Ranger Regiment prepare for a night combat operation in Afghanistan, in March

John Crosby swore into Oregon Army Nat Guard Jan 2005 & began a career as a combat medic.He volunteered for deployment with public affairs

German paratrooper in the eastern front. 1943. He's carryng a MG-42 machine gun.

Ein Fallschirmjäger mit dem Maschinengewehr MG 42 irgendwo in der Sowjetunion ,