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Same goes for Trans Girls, In case you ever feel like no one is respecting you, just know you are freaking perfect and I'm proud of you! You Are Amazing! You Are Beautiful! You Are Gorgeous! And You Are More than Perfect! I love you!

Dear Trans girls, You look so cute and really adorable and super girly. Also your really awesome hope you have a nice life be are to express yourself everyday love you!

This is amazing, I haven't had the courage to tell my parents but I love my girlfriend and I will have to get the courage.

I haven't exactly come out yet to my family. They think I'm bisexual but they don't know that I'm not anymore .

This is amazing XD <<< Please, somebody do this to me.

Someone from Monticello, Kentucky, US posted a whisper, which reads "I'm gay and my best friend licked my face, walked away and said "I tasted the rainbow" "

Johnny Galecki. This man is amazing.

Leonard Hofstadter talked about gay

John Galecki regarding rumors about him being gay. Very well said and mature. I've never really addressed those rumors, 'cause I always figured, why defend yourself against something that's not offensive? The Big Bang Theory.