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Anything is a UFO if you're bad enough at identifying stuff.

My dad would do this...

Make the dad die at the end of the story. Make it so tragic the reader's heart crumbles and then falls out. tho it would be a cool one

Sleep talks

My favorite part is "my cousins boyfriend raps in french in his sleep" it reminds me of Lafayette. thats why its in my Hamilton board

Hahaha I wanna know this person!

mean (awesome) poison ivy prank. Should've have done this in high school!

why is this so funny?

Tbh last Halloween me and my friends were in the park, not too late but it was almost pitch black because of winter, and a duck walked behind up and made a loud noise and never have I heard my friends scream so loudly<<<that's an amazing story

Why isn't this a thing?

Why isn't this a thing?> They’d find various spices a few pans and various microwaveable things. Nothing really decent since I just ate the really cool stuff.