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U.K.Clique | who is Josh and what has he dun?

U.K.Clique | who is Josh and what has he dun?

Just because I play the piano doesn't mean I'm not willing to take you down. I'm sorry. ~Tyler Joseph

~Tyler Joseph<<coconut coconut sHARKS IN THE WATER wait the lyrics are written with comic sans are you serious

smol beans<< why did I instantly go " so if that was 20 years ago that means their 21 now?"bruh I'm so dumb. ‍♀️

Tyler natural speaking voice sounds like a graders still, Josh's voice got lower and Tyler's is still so high<<and we love TyJo for it

my skin is clear, my grades are up, happiness flows through my veins....<<YEET. None of this ever happened except for the happiness part lol #ilovejoshdun

My favorite drummer. I have to play drums with my band tomorrow and I don’t play drums. Perhaps Josh will instill me with drumming skill.

Perfect #twentyonepilots (for those who don't know, tyler joseph is the vocalist, pianist, ukuleleist, superstar, on right, and josh dun is the drummer, friend, on left)

"I don't mean to make this awkward [about driving big truck] but I'm the lead singer of the band so." Tyler Joseph XD that video was so frickin funny

I feel like I've pinned this before, but I still love it.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun they have waaaaay better hand writing than Dan and Phil