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All time lowwww

All time low XD - Excuuuuuuse me but All Time Low is more than Jalex

Maybe he should consider working at a screen fixing place if this whole music stuff fails

XD OMG I CAN'T>>> is he on his period... bc that's how some girls feel when they are.........

Steff id be the one saying the horrible sofa pun omg 😂


Jack Barakat cares for Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low members). This is my favorite band.

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Rians like "I use L'Oréal because I'm worth it" and then he flips his imaginary long hair

//All Time Low//

“Q: It’s obvious from the song that you guys are taking a few bold steps in a different direction. A: Then [there was] Future Hearts, and that felt like we started pushing the.

"Unless you're Blood On The Dance Floor, then everyone hates you." Hahaha

rory on

Don't hate BOTDF because they're different. Hate them because they support rape and pedophilia.

All Time Low

All Time Low.I get to meet them and hug them in just TWO