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If you like my chemical romance so if you do repost

So hard to think that the people that saved my life won't even make music together anymore.<< if you don't republish this then what is the matter with you!

That's depressing! At lead you didn't become a fan a year after their breakup and NOT REALIZE THEY HAD BROKEN UP

Since (CrankThat)Frank talks about Joshler so much it wasn't until about 5 months ago I found out Tyler was married…excuse me I'll please leave…

pinterest: ✧roseclairdelune✧

This accurate representation of you on sunny days: TRUE!

Omg I just realized that's supposed to say " nobody has a jawline LIKE that." Not "that that." (Lol sorry my mistake)

Wanna cut a sandwich but you don't have any knives? Use Mikey Way's jawline! Wanna cut a bitch but you don't have any nails? Mikey Way's jawline!

If my teacher ever asks me to write about a childhood memory I'm doing this

Quand j'etais plus jeune garçon mon père ça ma pris donne la ville pour vois un fanfare (I can only say it though writing I have no idea if that's right 😂)

No no just NO

And the more time goes on the higher hopes get for them to get back together.

I don't think i'd mind that at my window honestly

I don't think i'd mind that at my window honestly<<< It looks cold out there, invite him in for a coffee and video comics!


Once I saw some 14 year olds giving bj's to Cypress Hill backstage & I lost my ever loving mind.