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Such an accurate reaction even though these are just remakes of teenager posts


Awkward Parents - DadDad i got suspended from school.The teacher pointed a ruler at me and said there is an idiot at the end of this ruler. So i asked which end :)You are totally my son!

10 Fresh Memes Today! #5 Proposal Ideas With An Ring Made By Onions.

Voice activated coffee machine is my personal favorite.//Pizza Slaping Killed Me.


LOL SO TRUE But so sad. Being a Nana I would give in - how can you not with a face like that.

I'm always the one who isn't invited and I see them do this in front of me all the time.


when a friend starts talking about plans we've made in front of someone that wasn't invited (relatable post)

Untitled on We Heart It

When I wake up and realize I have 2 more hours of sleep before my alarm goes off. - Funny and Relatable!

It's a challenge!!

Oh my before I looked at the very bottom I kept going back up and was like you put toast in the toaster! And then I looked at the bottom and couldn't stop laughing <<< lol I thought toast at first, but then realized bread