House Gropius Reconstruction in Dessau by Bruno Fioretti Marquez

House designed by Walter Gropius for professors at the Bauhaus art school in Dessau, Germany, have been rebuilt by Berlin office Bruno Fioretti Marquez.

Bauhaus Architecture/ Newly Renovated Gropius house, part of Masters’ Houses designed by Walter Gropius in Dessau

The Influence of Bauhaus Architecture

“DAM Award for Architecture in Germany The 22 Best Buildings in/from Germany” at the German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt.

Walter Gropius - 1926 Muche/Schlemmer House Dessau

1926 - The Muche/Schlemmer House, Dessau, Germany. One of the "Master Houses" for Bauhaus faculty, it was a duplex for Georg and El Muche and Oskar and Tut Schlemmer, teachers at the Bauhaus. Designed with Walter Gropius.

Walter Gropius: casa de maestros en Dessau, 1925-26.

artistas de la bauhaus

“German architecture firm Bruno Fioretti Marquez has completed a grand redesign of the House Gropius. The original House Gropius, designed by renowned Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius, was.

The Kornhaus restaurant, Dessau, built by Carl Fieger in 1929/30. (Fieger worked in Walter Gropius’s private architectural office and was a close colleague).

The glass veranda of the Kornhaus, from the street side, Architect: Carl Fieger, 1930 Photo: Sophie Lucht Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Análisis Casas Weissenhofsiedlung, JJP Oud | t2 - proyectos 1.2.3

Análisis Casas Weissenhofsiedlung, JJP Oud

20 Dwellings - exterior

Completed in 2008 in Manresa, Spain. Images by Hisao Suzuki . Designed by nothing architecture the 20 dwellings in Manresa Barcelona project is part of the partial plan for land subdivision in the sector "La.