Walter Gropius - 1926 Muche/Schlemmer House Dessau

1926 - The Muche/Schlemmer House, Dessau, Germany. One of the "Master Houses" for Bauhaus faculty, it was a duplex for Georg and El Muche and Oskar and Tut Schlemmer, teachers at the Bauhaus. Designed with Walter Gropius.

Piet Mondrian (De Stijl) style architecture | MODern deSIGN

Piet Mondrian (De Stijl) style architecture | MODern deSIGN

Peter Kunz Architektur | a f a s i a

Font: Peter Kunz Architektur mit Atelier StrutPhoto: Claudia LupertoWith the desire for a spacious house in the mountain village of Flims a private building owners gave us a delightful buildin

Bauhaus Architecture/ Newly Renovated Gropius house, part of Masters’ Houses designed by Walter Gropius in Dessau

The Influence of Bauhaus Architecture

“DAM Award for Architecture in Germany The 22 Best Buildings in/from Germany” at the German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt.

„Павилионът Барселона“ – една от иконите на архитектурата на XX век

The Barcelona Pavilion designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It was the German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. The building was simple with different materials for a striking look. Marble, red onyx and travertine.