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Berlin, 1945 | After the Fall: Photos of Hitler’s Bunker and the Ruins of Berlin | LIFE.com

“A Russian soldier stands in Adolf Hitler’s bunker, Berlin, (Time-Life/Getty), pin by Paolo Marzioli

historywars:   Registering two surrendering German soldiers.

two german snipers surrender to gis of the army in koblenz. the youngster on the right was wounded by us return fire. the russians took no sniper prisoners; they were invariably shot on sight

Да, возможно это запоздалая публикация по теме. У нас в России принято вспоминать о ветеранах только 9 мая. Но мне кажется я не опоздала! Совершенно случайно наткнулась на статью в интернете, к сожалению автора так и не нашла. Начала читать и просто разрыдалась. Думаю никто не останется равнодушным к коротким строчкам - воспоминаниям о жизни во время войны... 'Ехали много суток...

The Red Army had over woman snipers during WWII (The Great Patriotic War as they called it). I want a sniper rifle!

een groep verkenners van het rode leger tijdens de laatste maanden van de russische revolutie.

Vova Egorov, 15 Year Old Scout for the Red Army. WWII, April X /u/ethan_kahn

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I love this photo.

'Full Victory — Nothing Else': Iconic D-Day Images for Its 70th Anniversary

World War 2 Airborne Division Description Airborne Division - American paratrooper, among the first to make successful landings on the continent, holds a Nazi flag captured in a village assault.

May 1945 . Soldiers of the 3rd Ukrainian Front congratulate each other after the war .

Великая Отечественная война

May 1945 . Soldiers of the Ukrainian Front congratulate each other after the war .

The immediate reaction of German POWs upon being forced by the US Army to watch to the uncensored footage of the concentration camps shot by the US Signal Corps.

The reaction of German prisoner's of war, who were forced to watch footage of what happened in the concentration camps. WWII -- Why I'm convinced most of the soldiers had no clue what happened in the camps. Not that I'm defending them, you realize.

A German soldier firing a gun from the back of his horse. [1939]

throughout WWI and WWII, horses were used extensively as a means of transportation. As such, they also had to be trained to stay calm and not panic in the middle of combat.

new reichskanzlei

salão de mosaicos da chancelaria do Reich Berlim, Speer

A photograph of Hitler's bunker, which was destroyed by Russian forces following the war

Did Hitler fake his death? TV show claims Fuhrer fled to South America

The remains of the outside of WWII Hitler's Führerbunker just before it was destroyed in The entrance is on the left. The circular structure housed generators and systems for ventilation.

https://flic.kr/p/a3DMjC | Panzerspähwagen (Fu) Panhard 178-P 204(f) Schienenpanzer | Deutsches Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-639-4252-20A Im Osten.- Eisenbahn-Panzerspähwagen auf Basis eines erbeuteten französischen Panzerspähfahrzeugs Panhard P 178; PK Eins Kp Lw zbV

November Panzer Division faces Partisan attacks across Russia :: A captured French Panhard armoured car adapted to operate on railway lines in the East.

Soviet soldiers in the trenches ww2

World War II, Great Patriotic War. Soviet soldiers reading a newspaper in the trenches, 1943 –