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Soviet soldiers resting among the dead during a lull in the Battle of Berlin, 1945

A Russian soldier, tired from the fighting, snatches some sleep. Beside him is a dead German soldier.

Middle aged militia member lies dead next to a Panzerfaust AA grenade in the streets of an unidentified German town, March 1945. In the closing days of the war, at least 150,000 German military lost their lives in desperate fighting.

dead Volkssturm soldier lies next to his Panzerfaut in a town in German,

Russian Soviet soldier with anti-tank grenade RPG40. An unknown Red Army hero.

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Corpo de um soldado alemão congelado colocado de cabeça para baixo pelos soviéticos com objetivo de baixar o moral dos outros soldados alemães, durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, em 1942.

The frozen body of a dead German soldier is used as a signpost. Eastern Front, c. 1942 "In Soviet Russia, The Sign Post You!

2nd Infantry Division

An tank burns at the intersection of Karl Heine Str. and Zschochersche Str. in Leipzig, Germany, near the end of the war in Europe, 18 April Infantry Division

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What defeat looks like: a German soldier next to his dead comrade, Battle of Kursk, Russia.

Berlin in 1945 was a city of doom. Utterly destroyed in the WW2. Here are images of that city in 1945.

The most humiliated of Germans. Surrendered German soldiers being sent to camps by the Russians. The men of the Wehrmacht not only faced defeat but also the additional ignominy of seeing German women raped by Russians in front of them.

Worst photos from World War II

Horror World War Killed instantly by wounds in the neck is not compatible with the life of the the German Wehrmacht Unteroffizier lying on sandy road. Presumably, the Ukraine or the Soviet Baltic republics.

A German soldier gives food for Russian woman and her hungry child. Photo taken from the photographer for the 291st Division of the Wehrmacht George Gundlach in 1942. One of the many, out of the photo album “Volkhov’s battle. Documents of horror 1941-1942″.

A German soldier shares his rations with a Russian mother during Operation Barbarossa, WWII.

A German woman commits suicide during the Battle of Berlin. With the continuation of the war, the imminent defeat of Germany, and fear of Red Army reprisals, suicide rates in Germany skyrocketed to an astronomical scale towards the end of the war. Berlin. April 1945.

This German woman committed suicide possibly out of fear of the advancing Soviets, Berlin 1945

Soviet soldier walks past the body of a German paratrooper killed during the Battle of Berlin, 1945.

gruene-teufel: “mallowsal: “ galaxy-free: “ mallowsal: “ gruene-teufel: “ A Soviet soldier stares at the cameraman as he walks past a dead SS-Untersturmführer (Second Lieutenant) on the streets of.

Soviet soldiers in Vienna 1945 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

World War II, The 1941 – 1945 Great Patriotic War. Soldiers of the Soviet Red Army in Vienna (Austria) liberated from the Nazi.

Two Soviet infantrymen frozen to death in their foxhole, Finland, 1940

Two Soviet infantrymen frozen to death in their foxhole, Freezing to death is one of the most peaceful & non-violent ways of natural dying