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Rudimentary games from "back-in-the-day add priceless ambiance to any space.

Vintage Wood Bowling Pins – Set of 8 | Collections Vintage Finds | Fanshawe Blaine | Scoutmob Shoppe | Product Detail

Vintage Wood Bowling Pins – Set of 8

Vintage Wood Bowling Pins – Set of 8 by Fanshawe Blaine on Scoutmob Shoppe. These European skittles--also known as bowling pins--with the original painted balls. Would make an incredibly stylish lawn game for a wedding.

This wouldn't be hard to make. Wooden posts and balls for a vintage bowling game.

This is vintage but wouldn't a faux set be just as precious Lawn bowling anyone

Military Bowling

Antique - Military Ten Pins - toy * I like objects arranged in formation, and the faded, distressed colours.

Envers du Decor

Wooden game pieces like those with which Grandmother played with us, her grandchildren.