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US Navy Dolphin...the dolphin weapons are real. These dolphins are trained at the sub base in San Diego.

Though the US Navy Marine Mammal Program now focuses mainly on training sea lions and dolphins, sharks were once trained for naval use in swimmer protection mis.

dolphins ♥

Do dolphins used pufferfish to get high? A new BBC documentary claims to have footage of stoned dolphins, but I'm not entirely convinced.

Bir çift yunus ..

Sunset Dolphins are exciting to watch. And finding someone who also enjoys their magic is wonderful.


Dolphins are amazing creatures. Beauty defined, and a window into the depth, intricacy and awesomeness of The Creator. Dreaming of a dolphin encounter in the wild.


theanimaleffect: Group Of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Swimming In Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas by Brandon Cole

Funny guys by Vitaliy Sokol

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have shown that bottlenose dolphins can use copying of signature whistles as a way of addressing or labelling animals on an individual basis.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins (stenella longirostris), via Flickr in Keokea, Hawaii

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins (stenella longirostris) By bodiver Bo Pardau