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Not a warlock, not a wizard, not a sorcerer, not a magician. A Witch. a male Witch who will understand and accept me for who I am as I would understand and accept him.

Do You Have Royal Blood? Your Last Name May Tell You.

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Magick Wicca Witch Witchcraft: Leave your footprint wherever you walk. If only I could still wear heels!

Easy way to see your aura and examine its colours. In only minutes you can see your aura by yourself!

Charge of the Horned God

Charge of the Horned God Wicca Book of Shadows Parchment page & color pics…

Odin - Norse God

Poem about Odin, the King of the Gods. To the Vikings Odin was the greatest of all of their Gods. The Saxon's were Christian and considered the Vikings Pagans for believing in Gods like Odin.

One of the Old Gods celebrated within many Pagan traditions, the Horned Lord, or Cernunnos, is often revered as the Lord of the Hunt, and a path finder, who represents the male aspect of the divine. T

PRAYER TO CERNUNNOS. He has been identified as a God of Nature, life and fertility… oftentimes associated with animals. His prominent antlers are symbolic of being Guardian of the Forest and Master of the Hunt.

This eye opening truth about long hair may surprise you

An eye-opening truth about long hair which may surprise you.(not me-the only time Native Americans cut their hair-in my family anyway-is when someone close to them dies)

Sigils can work any magic you desire.  This is one method of their creation.

SIGILS Symbols for the Worke, creation & use Whilst creating the sigil and when graving it where it is required, concentrate upon the end for which . Book of Shadows 15 Page 8

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The Aries Witch ♈ Witches practise safe Hex These chants are best after you have cast circle, preferably in an outdoor setting so your hex can be returned without blockages.

Beltane is near!

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