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<--- What's the difference between swapfell and fellswap? I'm not entirely sure

. . . *Soupire* Gaster pourrais-tu, s'il te plaît, accordé 2 minutes à ton fils? u^u . Un câlin ça te coûte quoi?! >3< Et toi, Fell!Papyrus il t'a fait Fell!Sans pour que tu le rejette comme ça?! (>,<) . Vous savez quoi vous êtes désespérants...! J'abandonne...!!! >0<

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I want to be your customer papy

Aw that's everyone's a asshole day. Don't worry Papy I would hug you🤗


There's an enemy called Shyren that you can hum with to start a concert. If Papyrus is alive, then Sans will show up to sell tickets to the concert. If Papyrus is dead, instead a hooded figure will. >>> woah gotta do that



Ben c'est un Ask undetale AU (vous êtes supposez le savoir, C'EST DAN… #aléatoire Aléatoire #amreading #books #wattpad

undertale, frisk, flowey, fusion<<< this is not okay. Where's the post it note when I need it


Looks like sans needs to KETCHUPon his pranking, Frisk had to of MUSTARD up the courage to do so, and sans must RELISH that memory.

welp. im dead.

does anyone see a small reference to the binch meme? oh god sans+sans=punmageddon

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