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Some of the Chinese fans love LocxLoboco so much that they even designed two kids for them: a red demon lady and a blue shrimp lad.

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Read Tail Rape from the story Mogeko Pictures by hippiehypocritical (Peter Kutzer) with 67 reads.

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Angel of Slaughter 殺戮の天使 (Massacre Angel) (Satsuriku no Tenshi) 君が笑うまで Fanart Ray (Rachel) and Zack, Danny, Eddie, Cathy, and Grey

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Lobco and Roc  This what happens when Roc sexually abuses Lobco..

Lobco and Roc This what happens when Roc sexually abuses Lobco.


god this is worst then seeing lobco being raped

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Read New Update. from the story Mogeko Things (^o^) by KurobaneMogeko (Hiểu Minh-Otaku) with 519 reads. more, mogeko, thegraygarden.

Typical Bambam

Hardcore anime fan right here. Isn't it amazing Kyungsoo (exo) watched anime as well?

When your ship finally sails

When your ship finally sails