"don't you dare push me!" I screamed and laughed. He pulled at my arm and giggled. I gripped the "no diving" sign. Oh the irony as he cried "then push me you silly! I loved him in that moment.

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(Although new clothes my be necessary) being able to play games together and being competitive in a fun way is so cute. Like when one of them win and the guy messes with her and picks her up and spins her around

Cute! If I had abs... And a boyfriend might come in handy in this instance...

Namorado que te freia - Cute! If I had abs. And a boyfriend might come in handy in this instance.

Não precisa de descrição XD

Funny pictures about That's the signal boys. Oh, and cool pics about That's the signal boys. Also, That's the signal boys.

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This talks about developing and strengthening loving relationships. Romantic relationships do not happen by chance, we have to develop, maintain, strengthen and end romantic relationships.

Ellis and Emry singing on the rooftop like any normal night when they can't sleep

On a random, lazy-pajama-type-of-day embarrass myself by singing the very corny song "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith while horrendously playing the guitar and using my super out-of-pitch voice. THIS IS PERFECT!

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Boyfriend goals, tan goals, tattoo goals,and the ability to actually stay on a hammoc goals.

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Highest ranking: in Romance on 17 year old easy-going Amy meets new guy Ian, who happens to be cute and Amy's crush. Does Ian like her too?

Oh Bucky I miss you so much wish I could hug you right now your hugs my life a billion times better wish I could have one right now❤️

#relationshipgoals (26 photos) This has more than one meaning for me ;) goals af

REMOVE CAPTION: Asher teaches Lia to use a gun when the war gets really bad. Up until then, she had hated guns because of something from her past, but finally decided she would need to know just in case. // caption by Rissa G //

Easy leather bracelet tutorial Really great to wear a set !

Beaded Leather Wristlet - How to make a Wire Wrap Loop.Easily make these Banded Leather Wristlets for fun summer jewelry.