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Part 1: http://pokemonmeme.com/image/297/mimikyu-variants-part-1

-(response to dresses) *whole face brightens* Michael! *wraps arms around* *smiles* Oh, goodness, was that what it was? I'm so happy right now! That you told me! Why are you so happy?

the only me is me

I know a few other people have done Haunter, but it’s my absolute favorite pokemon, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

mimikyu y acerola

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Classic Professor Oak

Classic Professor Oak

Video games - Professor Layton is in the background! (I bet he's doing well, too)<<<< Is the shadowy man Stanley Pines?

I like that animation drawing,show me how to draw that one day.

Social media sites as eeveelutions. What a clever (if not totally random) concept.