older steven

Steven universe - he looks so grown! I like this older version instead of the beach bum hippie looking version >> Steven.

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Classroom Gems Momswapped

Blue girl and guy try and hide giant cheese burger under the bed from red girl but it didn't work as well as planned. So while red is freaking out about not being able to find it, the guy is freaking out she is going to see it while the blue girl just sits there calm as f****.

Actually Yeah this is a pretty accurate description of Comic Content but it's usually day one when this happens.

Geez jasper should return dang it! Lapis was way worse than jasper >_<

Steven Universe: Redeemable Villains// Headcanon, Ever since the ocean thing w/ Lapis, there have been a bunch of invasive species everywhere. Is Peridot redeemable now?

Evolution of Peridot

Evolution of Peridot

I still can't believe I thought she was going to be letal for the Crystal Gems xD

the best Pearl Diamond theory<<THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING

the best Pearl Diamond theory

Steven Universe, THIS! I read somewhere that people think she's a pink pearl or a white pearl but pay attention people! She wears all the diamond colors!

MYSTERY GIRL X PEARL  Steven universe

15 Purrsome Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs – The CATDOGS

Ok I'm totally changing my opinion after the new episodes it's totally Sophina and Pearl stole Kevin's girl- << Spongebob.



K so rose was in Stevens gem and iots been what 100 years and all the humans steven loves is deads and he's old and probably has a few dissadvantiges to fighting, so then he "dies" and Rose comes out.