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Since I have a kindergarten brother, this is a great time to pack HIM some blue food in honor of Percy :) gosh I'm a genius.<<<If she's a true PJO fan, she will!

Worst nightmare ever!

Remember how Percy had a picture of Annabeth in his school notebook in SoM?<<< but the dreams of a demigod is kind of real

Thats how I am with books....Just another reason to prove im a daughter of Athena

when ever i let my mom borrow one of my percy jackson or heroes of olympus books i yell at her " DONT FOLD THE CORNER OF THE PAGE!

Fangirl annabeth

Its not just annabeth its everyone who reads percy Jackson<<<< Annabeth is a Fangirl. We will be Fangirl buddies.

I could so see them doing this lol

Nico and his "Protecting Squad" scaring the hell out of Percy, this headcanon is…

Drunk Percy<> You forget that he vowed that he would never get drunk because he didn't want to be anything like Smelly Gabe -SBH