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and the temples and the churches and all the other "over consumption" of the religious organizations?  total and complete bullshit!  feed, clothe, educate, lift up and help humans in need, you hypocrites!  Jesus did NOT confer with the wealthy and the elite. read your bible, that you love so much!

Are Mega Church Pastors Really Operating in Their Calling and Anointing . The Bible Study Topic of the Day

Thank you people are too busy diagnosing other peoples problems to realize their own

When a church looks like this, and the preacher has a house like this, and the members live like this, it explains everything that is wrong in American Christianity.

Ricky Gervais

Weird how the bible seems like it was written by racist, sexist, homophobic, violent, sexually frustrated men instead of a loving god.

Greed and Corruption #Osteen

If you are making money off of religion + God, you are a businessman (or woman). Funny and sad at the same time.

Is The Rule Of Law Being Done Away With In Order To Prepare The Reign Of The Anti-Christ? Why Is The Illuminati Spending So Much Time And Effort To Protect This Pope More Than All The Others?

The Pope: I will pray for the poor and those less fortunate from my golden throne

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Christianity is the fulfillment and realization of all mythological religions, it is the myth that became fact!