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Bilderesultat for room divider tv ideas

Bilderesultat for room divider tv ideas

This is my living room, viewed from the couch. We used the Expedit bookcase from Ikea as a room divider, and put maps on the wall behind it. We use the space behind it as a small office area, with a desk and the record player. My father built the smaller bookshelf in the corner.

living room divided with an Expedit bookcase from Ikea for a small office area ~ possible design solutions for living room area?

Chalkboard room divider!... So going to add this idea to divide living and dining room with guest greeting and inspirational sayings... TH 7.30.14

A chalkboard room divider is a super easy project and one we think would go really well in a nursery that also doubles as a home office — or in any other space in your home you want to divide. You can draw fun little doodles on one

room dividers - http://www.modularhomepartsandaccessories.com/modularhomeroomdividers.php

I don't know if I could remake this somehow, but it's a cute fence room divider (thinking of sectioning off a pack-n-play for the future)

Just picked up 10 of these free on the side of the road! They're black, so will spray paint white, or gray!

VERY good idea for a kid's room. A cheap, easy, DIY solution for extra storage and shelf space in the kids' bedroom or playroom.

Dividing up a space without constructing expensive or light blocking walls can be a challenge.  You can use furniture and accessories such as bookcases, rugs and the back of couches and headboards. Curtains, whether hung straight or on hospital track are another option, as are segmented dividers. There are also more commercial options such as the flexible Modwalls. Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House has come up with a DIY option that deserves serious consideration as well.

Room Divider DIY: The Brick House's Rope Wall