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Well, I wouldn't go quite THAT far, but I think that we can all agree that this is a FANTASTIC look for him

Forgive me father for I have sinned with these thoughts

I love all his expressions! :T

I love all his expressions! :T <--- i love this bc yoongi is :T and hoseok is the embodiment of . << Whoever originally wrote these captions , I think we could be great friends.

Give Yoongi a cup and pour him a drink, you will understand the definition of sassy

'Coz with just a drink, he can summarized your whole existence in one word XD

Doesn't wanna hear his hyung

Chim Chim is always so quick to laugh at Jin's dad jokes, and I honestly think it's the cutest thing ever

That second picture is my fave

Yoonseok << wow, if that isn't a violation of personal space, I don't know what is. wouldn't half mind that myself actually. Hoseok: Any time you feel the need to lay on me, please feel free.<<you know nobody else could do this with Yoongi

They know it's no accident! Trying to act all innocent about it. We ARMY know what's up. Lol

I didn't notice Yoongi did the same damn thing