Toilet paper decoration. These would be great wrapped in old book pages or music notes with lots of glitter!

Whiff of Joy - Tutorials Inspiration: Recycled snowflake decoration. This is a clever way to create rosette-type bases for a hanging decoration -- using recycled material!

57 uses for toilet paper rolls including crafts, gifts and household re-purposing

Pinner wrote, "It's a habit acquired from my years spent teaching elementary: having a stash of toilet paper rolls makes you an instant hero to a classroom full of kids.

Glamulet Animal & Pets Sterling Silver Charms for each of your special moments!


Paper tube daisy - Paper craft for spring - recycling craft - Daisies made from empty paper towel rolls/tubes

TwilightTree: How to Decorate for Christmas (Without Getting Caught)

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

You know those times when you have one late night and then every day is so busy that you just can't catch up on your sleep and you walk arou.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts....this is the only tp craft ... | Tutoriales by FATIMA CACIQUE

All you need is toilet paper cardboard rolls, hot glue gun and a picture frame! Might make this a mothers day gift by tabu-sam

DIY: Vase made from toilet paper rolls

Diy: Vase Made from Toilet Paper Rolls

Awesome way to reuse toilet paper rolls

We need to recycle items that we use every day. For example, a toilet paper rolls that can be an interesting decorations for your space. So let’s decorate your walls with toilet paper rolls.

SimpleJoys: Tissue Paper Roll Craft

I have been collecting tissue paper rolls thinking of making something out of it. Finally I came up with this wall decor.