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i won't be able to survive without finchel!!

i won't be able to survive without finchel!

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Finchel Rachel Berry & Finn Hudson Finn is really feelin this kiss.

You can't separate them...

You can't separate them.

Glee?!?! you ask... Yep, Glee. I dare you to watch just one... Especially from this past season. Sure the songs are cheesy. You'll find no rock'n'roll here, except the cheeziest of the classic kind, probably mashed up with a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry song (yikes! Really?) Yes, unfortunately true and YET the music IS really good, the numbers and mashups creative, the dialogue always witty and at times acerbic, the story lines engaging. Not bad for a supposed "kids show". Glee is growing up.

It is finally time for our Glee contest. This contest comes in celebration of the Glee season 2 finale.

The Ladies of Glee (they posed like the girls in Bridesmaids)

“In anticipation of tomorrows very memorable episode. We took this photo. We call it GLEE-MAIDS.

finchel always and forever!

finchel always and forever!