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Underneath his jackets, he's always wearing a sweater. And he's constantly melting, but there's a cost to looking cool.

Underneath his jackets, hes always wearing a sweater. And hes constantly melting, but theres a cost to looking cool.

// Alba Galocha ... Wanna ne there

Leave me alone, I prefer the silence than you talking bullshit about everyone and everything

Image Sipping my green tea, I think when will i loose these fucking 2 inches. This is my everyday chore start the morning with fruits then have bran roti in lunch and by dinner gulp down a…

Gardening Autumn - Citrouilles - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations


Lady in her mid-twenties. I adore books ❄ winter ❄ music ❄ coffee ❄ tea ❄ bubble bathes ❄ photography ❄ leg warmers ❄ mascara lashes ❄ autumn ❄ writing ❄ sweaters ❄ rosy lips ❄ winter cheeks. ❄ // girl of winter ❄