Percy as a parent! Hahahahaha

I can imagine him, leaning down next to the kid after Annabeth left and whispering this.

Percy Jackson... deal with it... Only people apart of the fandom will understand this.

deal with it. Only people apart of the fandom will understand this. Deal with it. Ever heard of food coloring.

Even though the godly side of the family doesn't count, this is pretty awesome.

Oh yeah. But they say that the Greek side doesn't count because otherwise Selina (daughter of Aphrodite) and Beckendorf (son of Hephaestus) dating would just be weird

Percy Jackson  Battle plans

Well then Plankton Percy you should have thought of that sooner. And this term applies to both of you: Seaweed Brain.

That was so me when I watched it with my friends who mostly hadn't read the books

Rapunzel: "that was a good movie- ish?" Eugene: "her hair was brown.I didn't see that coming.her hair is actually brown.WHY IS HER HAIR BROWN?

CAN THIS PLEASE HAPPEN?!?! I mean, Frank doesn't have to be the turtle, but if a random little turtle just comes up to Jason, all adorable-like, and Jason's seriousness just disappears, only for that turtle. Just... yes.

unaware of his crime. Hazel's probably going nuts :) hahaha, Frank messing with Jason!

That's why i say tarter sause instead......... Follow -Percy Jackson!!!- and you'll get it..................

And the funny thing is, I can actually imagine this happening. I guess that's how Rick came at this idea. Thank you tartar sauce.