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werisetotheoccasion: “gabzilla-z: ““Princess of the Universe ” ” She is so beautiful ”

She is so beautiful

autumn-sacura: “ Allura Week Day 4 - Free day About this pic - I was asked once to draw Allura in this dress, and I liked the idea, but I decided to decorate it with purple altean flowers instead of blue carnations.

❤️Beautiful Alura's art❤

❤️Beautiful Alura's art❤

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I don't think you have to be a Shallura shipper to appreciate this. Shiro and Allura respect each other deeply.

Voltron x FFXV Crossover Group Photo by SteveAhn

Girl who Cannot Swim — steveahn: Finished Voltron x FFXV Crossover Fan.

VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER X AVATAR - by solkorra - Shiro x General Iroh II - Lance x Sokka - Coran x Bumi - Hunk x Bolin - Pidge x Jinora - Allura x Katara - Keith x Zuko

For fun, you know xD Shiro x General Iroh II Pidge x Jinora Keith x Zuko Lance x Sokka Hunk x Bolin Allura x Katara Coran x Bumi And well, hope you like. Voltron Legendary Defender x Avatar

Pidge as the other Paladins<<<SHE EVEN HAS SHIRO'S EYELINER<< I have come to a conclusion that I want to marry Pidge

Pidge as the other Paladins. I have come to a conclusion that I want to marry Pidge<<< Me too

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she's beauty, she's grace, she's a queen from outer space -mads

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr