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Oracle by Marcio Takara


comic-book-ladies: “ Oracle by Marcio Takara ” DC Comics - Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle - I cannot tell you how seeing her in the wheel chair moves me. Batgirl was my first superheroine, who all the superheroines after had to live up to. <3

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle - Worst wheelchair ever. Shouldn't batman pony up the cash for a deluxe chair?

alter egos

Alter Ego - Selina / Catwoman - Batman Returns Anne did a great job, but Pfeiffer was the bees knees.

Black Bat (Cassandra Cain)

Post with 53 votes and 2234 views. Cassandra Cain, the badass mute girl who was trained by assassins and became the new Batgirl. Well before DC fucked her character over, anyway

Nightwing & Robin by Andie Tong

Andie Tong - Nightwing and Robin (Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne) Comic Art

‘Batgirl’ To Become Best Possible DC Comic With New Creators Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr And Brenden Fletcher

comicsauthority: “ We love the redesigned Batgirl look! Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr have given Barbara Gordon a youthful, fun spin on the classic look. Batgirl is getting a new creative team in.

Batman + Superman

Superman's cool, Batman's not. (Superman-Batman art by Rafael Albuquerque, writing by Michael Green & Mike Johnson)

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Flying Grayson / Robin I / Nightwing / Batman Dick Grayson, a true wonder. Dick Grayson belongs to DC Comics

Miguel Mercato

Miguel Mercato

by Ant Lucia

Catwoman: Here's an extremely cool set of pin-up art featuring several iconic heroines form the DC Comics universe. They were created by Ant Lucia, and I think they turned out beautifully. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Ah, why is he so hot??

I don't do Batman. Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, a… Fanfiction